Time Warp

Time warp is a real-time video effect that plays with time for some genuinely mind-bending results. Tinker with the settings to get anything from a live time-warped video to a long-exposure “slit scan” style image.

Save your warped photos and videos to the camera roll, or share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Time Warp – Camera

Extra-Dimensional Video Camera

Time Warp takes your live video and slices and dices it, then recombines it into a new video with a little bit from here, a little from there, a little from now, and a little from before. Time and space get a little squishy for some creative, weird, sometimes unpredictable effects.

A few things to try when you have it:

  • Hold the camera still while you take a selfie… contort your face and watch as it melts in the Time Warp funhouse mirror.
  • Place the camera on a table, so the background stands still, then dance around a little for the camera. It. Is. Weird.
  • Pinch, swipe, and twiddle all the controls in settings. It’ll glitch like mad… but you know, in a good way!

After you’ve created some cool videos or photos, share it to Instagram, using the hashtag #timewarp and tag us! We want to see all the weird stuff you create!

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